In the article titled “Time-Frequency Properties of the Short-Time Linear Canonical Transform and Its Application” [1], the abstract was omitted due to a production error. The article has been updated and the abstract reads as follows.

The short-time linear canonical transform (STLCT) is a novel time-frequency analysis tool, which has attracted some attention recently. However, its applications in signal processing are limited because the time-frequency properties of the STLCT are still little known. Most existing studies focus on mathematical properties rather than time-frequency properties in signal processing. To handle this problem, first, we investigate some basic time-frequency properties such as 2-D resolution of the time-frequency plane, the STLCT domain support, and computation of the STLCT, by generalizing the short-time Fourier transform to the STLCT. Then, based on these derived properties, we find that the Gaussian window is the optimal window of the STLCT. Signal separation verified the results.

The error was introduced during the production process of the article, and Hindawi apologises for causing this error in the article.