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Coupled Problems in Heavy-Current Electrical Engineering and Their Mathematical Modeling

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The behavior of many heavy-current electromagnetic systems is often influenced not only by the external conditions in which they operate but also by various secondary effects of the electromagnetic field itself (mostly thermal and force or torque effects). A sufficiently accurate description of such systems necessary for optimization of their parameters, therefore, must include the mutual interactions of particular physical fields. The corresponding continuous mathematical models are given by a set of generally nonlinear and nonstationary partial differential equations often supplemented with another set of nonlinear algebraic and ordinary differential equations whose coefficients are functions of various state variables (temperature, pressure).

The special issue will be aimed at the formulation of the coupled mathematical models of heavy-current electromagnetic systems, their numerical solution, and experimental verification of the results. It is supposed to bring new ideas, ways of modeling sophisticated systems, advanced numerical techniques, and experimental possibilities. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Thermal and force effects in electrical machines (linear machines, rotating machines, transformers, and actuators)
  • Power systems with permanent magnets
  • Electromagnetic heat treatment of solid metals (direct heating by electric current, induction heating, induction hardening, laser processing, etc.)
  • Dielectric heating and other related processes
  • Electromagnetic processing of molten metals (pumping, dosing, and stirring) and magnetic liquids
  • Electric and magnetic separation of metals and dielectric materials
  • Vibrations and noise of electromagnetic origin and methods of their reduction

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  • Ivo Doležel, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of West Bohemia, Univerzitní 26, 306 14 Plzeň, Czech Republic

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  • Jerzy Barglik, Faculty of Material Science and Metallurgy, Silesian University of Technology, Krasinskiego 8, 40-019 Katowice, Poland
  • Bernard Nacke, Institute of Electrotechnology, Leibniz University in Hannover, Wilhelm-Busch-Straße 4, 30167 Hannover, Germany
  • Sergio Lupi, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Padua, Via Grandenigo 6/A, 35131 Padua, Italy