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Smart Control Algorithms and Technology in Civil Infrastructures

Call for Papers

In recent years, structural control technology has made considerable progress by the developing of theoretical and experimental researches. Following the emerging of complex structures, such as the ultrahigh and long-span infrastructure, the conventional control algorithm for the infrastructures in civil engineering gradually exposes limitation in the computation time, robustness, stability, and so forth. As the artificial intelligence (AI) theory matures, many smart control algorithms and technologies based on the mathematical model are introduced or incorporated in the structural control area. Many problems which are relatively difficult to answer using the traditional control algorithms, such as actuators placement optimization, robustness improvement, and time delay, have been solved with various degrees through the AI model and technologies, for example, the fuzzy logic, neural network, and evolutional computing even to application of laws in the irrelevant area.

Thus, the smart control algorithms and technologies are thought of a tendency and an effective approach to handle current issues existing in the structural control area. We invite investigators to contribute original as well as review articles on researches and developments of this subject. These include the AI control algorithms, optimal design for structural control, and other novel mathematical models and technologies, which aim at the ordinary, large, and complex infrastructures in civil engineering. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • AI control algorithms and control theory based novel mathematical models
  • Smart optimal design and analysis for controlling the infrastructure
  • Performance (robustness, stability, and uncertainty) of smart control algorithms and technologies
  • Application of smart control algorithms and technologies in the large-complex infrastructure
  • Application of novel mathematical models in controlling infrastructures

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  • Jeong-Tae Kim, Department of Ocean Engineering, Pukyong National University, Busan 608-737, Republic of Korea
  • Gang Li, Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116023, China