Table 1: Medicinal plants used by various tribes of Bangladesh for treatment of malaria and accompanying symptoms.

Serial numberBotanical nameFamilyLocal name (tribe)Parts usedDosage

1Caesalpinia nuga (L.) W. T. AitonFabaceaeKrung-khai (Chak)SeedThree seeds are powdered mixed with water and taken only once for cure.
2Adansonia digitata L.BombacaceaeKattio-daghor (Chakma)Leaf, root, flowerA combination of leaves, roots, and flowers is taken till cure.
3Jatropha gossypifolia L.EuphorbiaceaeTitto-long (Chakma)SeedSeeds are taken with water till cure.
4Rauwolfia serpentina Benth.ApocynaceaeSharpagandha (Garo)RootA paste of root and black pepper is administered (dose equal to 4-5 ratis, 1 rati = 1 tola = 11.66 g) till cure.
5Hodgsonia macrocarpa Cogn.CucurbitaceaeKeha-pang (Marma)FruitThe fruits are taken till cure.
6Erythrina variegata L.FabaceaeMada-kamia-mafang (Tripura)BarkBark paste is made into pills and the pills taken till cure.
7Streblus asper Lour.MoraceaeSarwa (Tripura)Bark Juice obtained from squeezed bark is taken till cure.
8Clerodendrum viscosum Vent.VerbenaceaeKung-sroi-ma (Tripura)LeafOne teaspoonful leaf juice is taken 3 times daily for a week.
9Amaranthus spinosus L.AmaranthaceaeKang-chuo (Murong)RootJuice obtained from squeezed roots is mixed with powdered rice and taken with water till cure.
10Mussaenda corymbosa A.L. de Jussieu RubiaceaeMok-ae (Murong)LeafLeaves are boiled thoroughly in water. The patient is both sponged and bathed in the water till cure.
Thalepat harkep (Bawm)LeafLeaf infusion is taken for shower or whole body rubbed with the infusion for a while every day till cure.
11Scoparia dulcis L.ScrophulariaceaeTapra-amkanlu (Murong)LeafJuice squeezed from leaves is taken two teaspoon full daily in the morning and evening for 7 days or till cure.