Malaria Research and Treatment / 2013 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Selective Intermittent Preventive Treatment of Vivax Malaria: Reduction of Malaria Incidence in an Open Cohort Study in Brazilian Amazon

Table 5

Statistical analysis of malaria incidence in the communities, before and after SIPT application.

Community PeriodP. vivax incidence

Vila AmazonasBeforeJun/07 to May/091456.0421.0150.0144
AfterJun/09 to May/11652.7081.079

Cachoeira do TeotônioBeforeAug/08 to Jul/1029212.1701.5280.0010
AfterAug/10 to Jul/121305.4170.849

São SebastiãoBeforeJun/07 to May/091456.0420.6630.1824
AfterJun/09 to May/111184.9170.542
BeforeAgo/08 to Jul/101456.0420.6740.1248
AfterAug/10 to Jul/121205.0000.819

Before: before SIPT application. After: after SIPT application. SE (standard error) and mean: Mann-Whitney test. : value. Wilcoxon rank test for pared data analysis. São Sebastião is a control community. No SIPT was applied.