Research Article

Malaria Parasite Density Estimated with White Blood Cells Count Reference Value Agrees with Density Estimated with Absolute in Children Less Than 5 Years in Central Ghana

Table 1

Comparison of parasite densities using absolute WBCs, assumed WBCs, and WBCs reference value among males of the population.

Absolute WBCsWBCs count of 5000/µLWBCs count of 6000/µLWBCs count of 8000/µLWBCs count of 9200/µLWBCs count of 10000/µLWBCs count of 10400/µL

Number of observations, 2498249824982498249824982498
25% percentile2040105012601680193221002184
75% percentile71645357504290057200657807150074360
Std. deviation1396557908094896126528145508158160164487
Std. error (mean)1396557908094896126528145508158160164487
Lower 95% CI of mean62775319173830051067587266383366386
Upper 95% CI of mean73734381224574660995701447624479293
Geometric mean11058559667158953102961119111639
Lower 95% CI of geo. mean1011451166139818694141023210642
Upper 95% CI of geo. mean12091612073449792112611224012730