Table 3: Impressions of SmartNet device.

Interested in using ( [%])50 (100%)
Perceived to be easy to use ( [%])46 (92%)

Positive impressions

Looks/feels nice or attractive“I love the yellow color and the designs on it”
Looks easy to use“I can hang it well on my walls, because it looks easy to hang. It is also light enough to move with”
Would increase usage“I would be more accurate in putting [up] my net”
Would help to learn how to use nets“I want the researchers to monitor me and know if I use my net well or not, which can help me improve in case I don’t use it well”
Help with malaria prevention in the community“If these nets are given out it would reduce on the malaria cases especially in villages”
Help learn about net use “They [researchers] will be able to find out how best people can use their nets”

Negative impressions

Appearance“Some people may not like this color of the net since they have children who can dirty it”
Treatment“If it has a lot of chemicals it will disturb me”
Net would be difficult to hang“The squared net might be difficult to some people in hanging”
Device could be damaged“In case the device is not covered, and it stays open, people may spoil it especially children”
People who misuse nets may not like the SmartNet“For those who don’t use the nets, they may not like it when you come to check on their bednets as you monitor them”
The device could negatively affect health “They may fear that it [SmartNet] might negatively affect their health”
Dislike of home visits“Some people who are not hygienically good in their bedrooms may not like you entering their bedrooms”
Not able to wash the net“They may fear washing the net if it is to be washed”
Fear that the device may be stolen “Fearing that thieves may steal the device from them”