Table 4: Impressions of objective monitoring of bednet use.

Personally not worried about monitoring ( [%])45 (90%)
Family would not be worried about monitoring ( [%])43 (86%)

Positive impressions

Monitoring would improve use“Because I would want to get good results about the use”
Provides feedback“If I can be given feedback on how I use my net, it can help me improve in case I don’t use it well”
Benefits of participating in a research study“It would mean that the researchers always will remember to check on me and visit me at home”

Negative impressions

Monitoring while sleeping“People might think that they device will be monitoring them as well when they are sleeping in their beds under the net”
Monitoring of misuse“Some people may not like to be monitored, especially those that at times do not use their nets”
Change current behaviors“For people who get discomfort with heat at night and they remove their nets, they may fear to do this because of being monitored”
Concern about continuous monitoring“I would be thinking every time they are looking at me and measuring me while in my bed”
Concern about recording private behavior“I would think that the device is recording me while in bed with my husband”