Multiple Sclerosis International / 2014 / Article / Tab 7

Research Article

Multiple Sclerosis State of the Art (SMART): A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Therapy’s Adherence, Hospital Reliability’s Perception, and Services Provided Quality

Table 7

Cause of change in the number or dosage of injections.

3 months12 months

Dosage inconvenient or difficult21.710.9
Forgot the administration1714.52017.4
The injection generated anxiety1412.01513.0
“I did not feel the need to do all injections”10.832.6
Tired of injections119.497.8
No one could do the injection43.410.9
Skin reactions65.186.9
Pain at the injection site1210.31210.4
Flu-like syndrome1210.354.3
“I did not get therapy”32.610.9
Not sure of the benefits32.643.5
Pregnant or plan to become pregnant00.010.9