Neuroscience Journal / 2013 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

The Triglyceride Paradox in Stroke Survivors: A Prospective Study

Table 4

Association between triglyceride# and mRs stratified by statin use and gender.

Pearson’s correlation coefficient95% CI value

Triglyceride (with no prior statin use)−0.16−0.29 to −0.030.02*
Triglyceride (with prior statin use)−0.05−0.23 to 0.130.59
Triglycerides in males−0.14−0.28 to 0.0030.05
Triglycerides in females−0.11−0.27 to 0.050.17

Log of triglyceride was used to test the associations as it had a nonnormal distribution.