Table 2: Acquisition of phonemes in Spanish (adapted from Bedore, [23]).

PhonemesAge at which 50% produced the soundAge at which 90% produced the sound

/p/, /b/, /t/3 years3.3 years
/m/, /n/, /k/3 years3.7 years
//3 years3.9 years
/l/3.3 years3.9 years
/f/3 years4.3 years
/t/3 years4.5 years
/d/, /g/3.3 years4.5 years
/r/3.7 years4.5 years
/x/3.3 years4.9 years
/ɲ/3.7 years4.9 years
/s/3.3 years5.5 years
/ɾ/4.7 years6 years

Note. The phoneme // is preserved in some areas of Spain and Latin America.