Neuroscience Journal / 2016 / Article / Fig 6

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Cerebral Blood Flow, Heart Rate, and Blood Pressure Patterns during the Tilt Test in Common Orthostatic Syndromes

Figure 6

Orthostatic hypotension with reduced orthostatic CBFv. (a) shows the drop of BP (1. drop) at the beginning of the tilt with a recovery (recovery) followed by a further decline in BP at the second half of the tilt (2. drop). The HR increment was preserved during the tilt. CBFv was progressively declining during the tilt. Patient was very dizzy and anxious and she requested to terminate the tilt at the 6th minute. (b) shows data from the same person a year later. The second tilt test was remarkably similar to the first one showing orthostatic hypotension with similar recovery and final decline of the blood pressure. CBFv was reduced throughout the tilt. Data from 26-year-old woman.