Figure 1: Effects of BDNF treatment on the hippocampal neuronal area of wild type and R6/2 mice. Representative confocal laser scanning microscopy images of single-label immunofluorescence for green fluorescent Nissl in CA1, CA3/2, and DG fields of hippocampus of vehicle treated R6/2 mice (a–c) and BDNF treated R6/2 mice (d–f). Two-way ANOVA, followed by Bonferroni test, revealed a decrease in hippocampal neuronal area in CA1, CA3/2, and DG of saline treated R6/2 compared to wild type vehicle mice p<0,05; histograms also show an increase in hippocampal neuronal area after treatment with BDNF in both CA1 and CA3/2 p<0,05. Scale bar 50 µm (confocal scanning microscopy images were acquired using a 20x objective for DG and a 40x objective for CA1 and CA3/2).