Figure 4: Effects of BDNF treatment on BDNF protein expression in the hippocampus of wild type and R6/2 mice. Representative confocal laser scanning microscopy images of double immunofluorescence for NeuN (visualized in green-Cy2 immunofluorescence) and BDNF (visualized in red-Cy3 immunofluorescence) in CA1 of the hippocampus of wild type (a–c), R6/2 saline treated (d–f) and R6/2 BNDF treated (g–i) mice. Graph shows the quantification of the intensity of BDNF immunoreactivity associated with NeuN-labeled neuron in CA1, CA3/CA2, and DG hippocampal fields. Scale bar 50 µm (Confocal scanning microscopy images were acquired using a 20x objective for DG and a 40x objective for CA1 and CA3/2).