New Journal of Science / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Nucleoporin Gene Fusions and Hematopoietic Malignancies

Table 1

NUP98 fusion partners.

Nucleoporin genePartner geneTranslocationDomain or partner functionDiseaseReference

NUP98HOXA9t(7; 11)(p15; p15)HDAML, MDS, CML, CMML[99, 100, 104, 107, 108, 112, 214]
HOXA11t(7; 11)(p15; p15)HDAML, JMML[215218]
HOXA13t(7; 11)(p15; p15)HDAML[215, 219]
HOXC11t(11; 12)(p15; q13)HDAML[220, 221]
HOXC13t(11; 12)(p15; q13)HDAML[222224]
HOXD11t(2; 11)(q31; p15)HDAML[223, 225]
HOXD13t(2; 11)(q31; p15)HDAML[226229]
HHEXt(10; 11)(q23; p15)HDAML[110]
PMX1t(1; 11)(q23; p15)HDAML, MDS[230232]
PMX2t(9; 11)(q34; p15)HDAML[233]
POU1F1t(3; 11)(p11; p15)HDAML[234]
GSX2t(4; 11)(q12; p15)HDMDS[235]
PHF23t(11; 17)(p15; p13)PHDAML[236]
JARID1At(11; 12)(p15; p13)PHDAML[237, 238]
NSD1t(5; 11)(q35; p15)PHDAML, RA[115, 116, 237, 239244]
NSD3t(8; 11)(p11; p15)PHDAML[245, 246]
AF10t(10; 11)(p12; p15)AT hookMDS, CML[235]
SETBP1t(11; 18)(p15; q12)AT hookT-ALL[247]
HMGB3t(X; 11)(q28; p15)DNA binding, bendingAML[248]
TOP1t(11; 20)(p15; q12)DNA topoisomerase 1AML, MDS[249253]
TOP2Bt(3; 11)(p24; p15)DNA topoisomerase 1AML[254]
DDX10inv(11)(p15q21–q23)RNA helicaseAML, MDS, CML[105, 255258]
RAP1GDS1t(4; 11)(q21; p15)RAS signallingT-ALL[259261]
ADD3t(10; 11)(q25; p15)Actin-binding, calmodulin-bindingT-ALL[262]
ANKRD28t(3; 11)(p25; p15)Ankyrin repeatsAML, MDS[263]
LEDGFt(9; 11)(p22; p15)PWWP domainAML, CML[223, 264267]
IQCGt(3; 11)(q29q13; p15)
IQ motif, EF-hand bindingAML, T-ALL[268]
RARGt(11; 12)(p15; q13)Nuclear hormone receptorAML[269]
CCDC28At(6; 11)(q24; p15)Coiled-coilAML, T-ALL[270, 271]
LOC348801t(3; 11)(q12; p15)Coiled-coilAML[272]

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