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Genetics and Function of Neocortical GABAergic Interneurons in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Table 1

Findings in schizophrenic patients and correlations in mice models.



GAD67 GAD67 in prefrontal cortexVolk et al. [109]
Akbarian et al. [110]
Preserved # number of PV cells, cortexWoo et al. [111]
Hashimoto et al. [112]
GAD67 level in PV cells, cortexHashimoto et al. [112]
Association with polymorphisms in GAD67 promoterAddington et al. [113]
ChandelierDecrease in chandelier cells cartridges (GAT1+) in prefrontal cortexWoo et al. [114]
Volk et al. [115]
SST levels of SST in microarray analysis and number of SST cells, prefrontal cortexHashimoto et al. [116]
NPY/CCK levels of NPY and CCK in microarray analysisHashimoto et al. [116]
NRG1Susceptibility locus in NRG1 Stefansson et al. [117, 118]
Zhang et al. [119]
Yang et al. [120]
ERB4Susceptibility locus in ERB4 Silberberg et al. [121]
BDNF/TrkbDownregulation of BDNF in prefrontal cortexWeickert et al. [122]
Wong et al. [123]
Downregulation of BDNF and Trkb in prefrontal cortexTakahashi et al. [124]
PSA/NCAM PSA-NCAM complexes in hippocampusBarbeau et al. [125]
GammaGamma oscillations are triggered by working memory tasks + selective attentionTallon-Baudry et al. [79]
Howard et al. [81]
Decreased power of cortical gamma oscillations and phase locking to memory taskSpencer et al. [82, 84]
Cho et al. [85]


Erb4Selective interneuron loss of Erb4: “schizophrenia-like behaviors”Wen et al. [126]
Erb4/Nrg1Erb4 in PV cells is required for Nrg1-dependant regulation of LTP (hippocampus)Chen et al. [127]
NR1Selective loss of the NMDAr NR1 subunit in PV cells: decreased excitatory input to PV cells results in “schizophrenia-like behaviors” and expression of PV and GAD67Belforte et al. [128]
BDNFBDNF regulates activity-dependant maturation of PV cells Bdnf−/− and Trkb−/− : synaptic GAD67 and GABA and behavioral anomaliesHuang et al. [129]
Cotrufo et al. [130]
Hashimoto et al. [131]
PSA/NCAMActivity-mediated expression of PSA regulates PV cells maturation and visual plasticityDi Cristo et al. [132]
GammaGamma oscillations are triggered by stimulating PV cells: enhanced performanceCardin et al. [77]
Sohal et al. [83]
Gamma oscillations depend on PV cells-mediated fast-synaptic inhibitionBartos et al. [72]