Figure 1: Hippocampal Tau phosphorylation at Ser199 residue is accentuated by R-BEL. Hippocampal slices (350 μm) were pre-incubated at 32°C for 3 h with DMSO alone (control) or with increasing concentrations of the iPLA2γ inhibitor R-BEL or the iPLA2β inhibitor S-BEL (chemical structures of both compounds are presented in (a)). (b) Phosphorylation and Tau protein levels were determined by Western blotting of cell extracts (40 μg of proteins) obtained from acute hippocampal slices. Phosphorylated Tau levels, expressed relative to total Tau (i.e., Tau-5; AbCam, Cambridge, MA, USA. Dilution 1 : 500), were measured using antibodies raised against Tau phosphorylated at Ser199 (AbCam, Cambridge, MA, USA. Dilution 1 : 1,000). The data were expressed as percentage of control values and are means ± SEM of 3 measurements per cell extract obtained from 7 different rats. Statistical analysis was performed by one-way ANOVA followed by Neuman-Keuls’ post hoc test. * , ** , *** , drug-treated versus control.