Figure 3: Straighthead pointing movements before and after prism adaptation for healthy controls (left) and neglect patients (right). (a) For each subject, the average end-position of straightahead pointing movements is represented before (pre) and after (post) left-deviating prism adaptation. Deviation from body midline is displayed in degrees of angle in positive value for right deviation and negative value for left deviation. Numbers refer to patient’s identification (cf. Table 1) with the following color code: patient 1 (blue); patient 2 (red); patient 3 (orange); patient 4 (purple); patient 5 (green). (b) Left spatial neglect assessment before (pre), immediately after (post), and 2 hours after (late) prism adaptation. For each test, the graph represents the mean score ±95% confident interval for the group of five patients at each session. Individual curves are represented using the same color code as in Figure 3(a). Moreover, performances of the healthy controls (95% confident interval) are displayed in cross-hatching. For tests and scores description see Section 2.2.2.