Figure 2: Domain structure of the cerebellar primordium. The c1 domain, expressing Atoh1, corresponds to the rhombic lip that produces all types of glutamatergic neurons in the cerebellum. The pc2 is the Ptf1a-expressing neuroepithelial domain that generates all types of GABAergic cerebellar neurons. At early neurogenesis stages, such as E12.5, the pc2 domain can be subdivided into pc2d and pc2v subdomains, which expresses E-cadherin strongly and weakly, respectively. The c2 domain, expressing Lhx1/5, consists of immature GABAergic neurons putatively generated from pc2 neuroepithelial domain. This domain can also be subdivided into two subdomains, c2d and c2v, corresponding to pc2d and pc2v, respectively. The c2d subdomain consists of corl2-expressing neurons or Purkinje cells, whereas the c2v subdomain includes Pax2-positive cerebellar GABAergic interneurons. Although c3 and c4 domains are Lmx1a and Lhx1/5 positive, respectively,cell types that consist these domains are unknown. The roof plate (RP) is located most dorsally and plays prominent roles in organizing this cerebellar domain structure.