Research Article

Functional Topography of Human Corpus Callosum: An fMRI Mapping Study

Figure 5

Activation evoked by tactile stimulation of the hand in patients L.M. (a) and O.T. (b). Activation of the anterior parietal cortex is seen in both patients ((a)1 and (b)1), but it is bilateral in L.M. ((a)1). Callosal activation is seen in both patients ((a)2 and (b)2, green arrows). Fibers arising from the activated cortex cross through the central CC ((a)3 and (b)3, yellow arrows). (c) Activation foci evoked in the splenium by tactile hand stimulation in patients L.M. ((c)1), O.T. ((c)2), and P.F. ((c)3). On DTI images, a thin white line demarcates the CC. Numbers on each brain represent the Talairach coordinates ( , , ) of each focus (green arrows). White arrows mark the central sulcus. Left hemisphere on the right.