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Immature Dentate Gyrus: An Endophenotype of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Figure 3

Impaired working memory performance in Shn-2 KO mice. (a) In the spatial working memory version of the eight-arm radial maze, compared to controls, Shn-2 KO mice performed significantly worse with respect to the number of different arm choices in the first 8 entries (genotype effect: F1,24 = 62.104, ). (b) Mutants made significantly more revisiting errors than controls (genotype effect: F1,24 = 45.597, ; genotype × trial block interaction: F12,228 = 1.470, ). (c) Shn-2 KO mice also showed poor working memory performance in the T-maze forced-alternation task (genotype effect: F1,21 = 20.497: ; genotype × session interaction: F7,147 = 3.273: ). (d) Shn-2 KO and wild-type mice were comparable in the left-right discrimination task (genotype effect: , ) and reversal learning (genotype effect: , ). Asterisks indicate statistical significance determined using the Student’s -test with a correction for multiple comparisons in each block (a, b) and each session (c) (* ). Adapted from Takao et al. [2].