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Immature Dentate Gyrus: An Endophenotype of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Figure 4

Maturation abnormalities in DG neurons of Shn-2 KO mice. (a) The hippocampal transcriptome pattern of Shn-2 KO mice is similar to that of α-CaMKII HKO mice, which also demonstrated maturation abnormalities in the DG. Genes showing differential expression between genotypes at in both experiments were plotted. (b) Normalized gene expression of differentially expressed genes in Shn-2 KO and -CaMKII HKO mice. The top 10 genes are indicated in the graphs. (c) Expression of the mature neuronal marker calbindin was decreased, and the expression of the immature neuronal marker calretinin was markedly increased in the DG of Shn-2 KO mice. Adapted from Takao et al. [2].