Table 1: The analgesic effect of MeCbl or combined use with other drugs on patients with diabetic neuropathic pain.

Effects of MeCbl Indices Measures of interventionReference

Alleviation of neuropathic pain symptoms;
improved nerve conduction velocity
Pain scale scores of patients; measure of nerve conduction velocityOral administration of MeCbl for 3 months Devathasan et al. [12]

Improved nerve conduction velocityMeasure of nerve conduction velocityIntravenous administration of MeCblIshihara et al. [14]

Improved the symptoms of paresthesia, burning pains, and heaviness;
no effect on nerve conduction velocity
Pain symptoms; measure of nerve conduction velocityRepeated intrathecal injection of MeCbl at a high dose of 2.5 mg/10 mLIde et al. [21]

Relieved spontaneous pain by 73% Likert-type pain intensity scale; Patients’ Global Impression of Change (PGIC) scaleIntramuscular injection of MeCbl for four weeks followed by oral administration of MeCbl for additional eight weeksLi [22]

Relieved pain and paresthesia;
improved motor and sensory nerve conduction velocity
Neurolgical disability score for the grades of pain and paresthesia Intravenous injection of MeCbl for 6 weeksKuwabara et al. [13]

Reduced pain scores and good toleranceVisual analog scale and chemical safety Oral administration of immediate-release methylcobalamin and sustained-release pregabalin for 2 weeks. Dongre and Swami [23]