Table 3: The analgesic effect of MeCbl or combined with other agents on neuralgia.

Effects of MeCbl Indices Measures of intervention Reference

Reduced or eliminated pain symptomsPain scales in patients with trigeminal neuralgiaIntravenous injection of MeCbl at a single dose of 0.5 mg Teramoto [32]

Relieved overall pain, continuous spontaneous pain, paroxysmal pain, and allodyniaLikert-type pain intensity scale; Patients’ Global Impression of Change (PGIC) scaleLocal subcutaneous injection of MeCbl for 4 weeksXu et al. [30]

Lowered pain intensities; improved pain relief; reduced pain interference with quality of lifeNumerical pain scale and brief pain inventory of glossopharyngeal neuralgiaOral administration of gabapentin, tramadol, and MeCbl (0.5 mg) Singh et al. [31]