Figure 1: Neonatal surgery results in visual invasion to auditory pathway. (a) Normal connectivity pattern. LGN: lateral geniculate nucleus; MGN: medial geniculate nucleus; AC: auditory cortex. SC: superior colliculus; IC: inferior colliculus. Visual projection is labeled in black. Auditory projection is labeled in white. (b) Cross-modal connectivity pattern. Dark circles on inferiror colliculi and left superior colliculus represent neonatal lesion. Retinal projection was rewired to MGN. Because of residual auditory inputs from inferior colliculi and visual rewiring, the thalamocortical projection from MGN to auditory cortex was changed from white to gray to present combination of auditory and visual processing. Contralateral AC is another important source of auditory projection. Gray lines in AC of cross-modal indicate multisensory responses. A: anterior. L: lateral.