Research Article

Comparative Morphology of Dendritic Arbors in Populations of Purkinje Cells in Mouse Sulcus and Apex

Figure 3

Shared dendritic fields among neighboring PC arbors, illustrating parallel fiber afferent input. (a) Neighboring PC dendritic arbors viewed from the pial surface but tilted to better visualize the architectural organization in the mediolateral plane. (b) Sagittal view of shared dendritic fields between neighboring PC arbors, highlighted in yellow in Panel (a), and most likely the site of shared parallel fiber input. (c) Summary plot of shared dendritic field area normalized by the average dendritic contour area of each PC pair, demonstrating that the effect of age on the amount of shared dendritic field depends on the anatomical location. Normalization eliminated the effect of variable arbor size (young versus old arbors) as a confounding factor * ( PCs).