Research Article

Comparative Morphology of Dendritic Arbors in Populations of Purkinje Cells in Mouse Sulcus and Apex

Figure 4

Dendritic arbor morphology in relation to cerebellar subdivision and mouse age. (a) Visualization of the contoured arbor adapted to trace the dendritic tree showing the computed dendritic tree surface area (red). (b) PC dendritic arbor area. Sulcus and apex areas did not differ significantly in either age group; however, young and old arbors were significantly different, *** . (c) Measurement of PC arbor width (red line). (d) PC arbor width. There was a weak tendency for sulcus arbors to be narrower than those of apex, but the difference was not statistically significant; however, old mouse arbors were significantly wider than those of young animals, * ( PCs). Note the overall heterogeneity.