Figure 1: Audiogram, tinnitus spectrum, and tinnitus loudness matches. (a) Pure-tone audiograms (pulsed-tone method) from 0.125 to 16 kHz showing each ear and group separately. Comparisons of thresholds averaged across ears at 500 Hz and 5 kHz are shown in the inset bar graph (5 kHz interpolated between 4 kHz and 6 kHz) separately for groups probed with 500 Hz and 5 kHz sounds. (b) Tinnitus likeness ratings from 0.5 to 12 kHz for both tinnitus groups and an inset bar graph comparing 500 Hz ratings to 5 kHz ratings in each group. 500 Hz ratings are below the tinnitus spectrum which commences above a likeness rating of 40 (a sound beginning to resemble tinnitus; Roberts et al. 2008). (c) Tinnitus loudness matches from 0.5 to 12 kHz for both tinnitus groups. Inset bar graphs compare loudness matches at a common 1 kHz frequency.