Figure 4: Abeta(1-42) impairs LTP. Representative fEPSPs from both control and Abeta(1-42) groups. Field EPSP was recorded before (grey) and 90 min after LTP induction (control is in black and Abeta(1-42) is in red) from the proximal stratum radiatum of CA1 (see above). Following 1 h of Abeta(1-42) treatment, LTP was induced by TBS protocol. LTP was reduced in Abeta(1-42) treated slices compared to controls 90 min after TBS (untreated versus Abeta: ) (a). The amplitudes of fEPSPs after TBS were normalized to pre-TBS control. Bar graphs show the average of the last 5 min of LTP. Error bars represent SEM; (b).