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Chondroitin Sulfate Induces Depression of Synaptic Transmission and Modulation of Neuronal Plasticity in Rat Hippocampal Slices

Figure 5

Effects of chondroitinase ABC, heparin, and UBP-296 on synaptic transmission. (a) Time-course of fEPSP slope recorded in the presence of CS (300 μM) treated with chondroitinase during the time indicated by the top horizontal bar. Insets A and B represent the original traces of fEPSPs in the points A and B of the time-course curve. (b) fEPSP recorded in the presence of heparin (100 μM, close circle; 300 μM, open circle). Insets represent the original traces in the points A and B of the time-course curve (heparin 300 μM). (c) Normalised averaged depression of fEPSP observed after application of 300 μM CS in control slices and others pretreated with UBP-293 (30 μM). The bars represent the mean ± SEM of those fEPSPs recorded during the 35 minutes of drug application. Note that no statistical differences were observed. ( slices).