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Dopaminergic Modulation of Striatal Inhibitory Transmission and Long-Term Plasticity

Figure 4

GABAergic synaptic plasticity. (a) shows representative traces of IPSC before and after the HFS (3 trains, of 100 Hz, for 3 s, with 10 s of interval). (b) Time course of the IPSC amplitudes before and after HFS. The data are normalized and presented as the percentage of change compared with the control in this figure and the rest of figures. (c) Distribution, in percentages, of the type of plasticity generated by HFS, 50% developed LTD, 7.14% developed LTP, and 42.9 did not develop plasticity. (d) PPR comparison of the IPSCs before and after HFS did not change. (e) Rise time and (f) decay time constants before and after stimulation. (g) Reconstruction of a MSN that exhibited LTD but was not positive to D1-GFP. In the left 10x magnification of the cell, in the middle 60x augmentation, note that no fluorescence is observed in the tip of the electrode. In the right, the cell was filled with biocytin during the electrophysiological recording and later processed with avidin-Cy3, to visualize it. Note that there is no overlap between GFP and the Cy3 of the MSN.