Research Article

Selective Requirement for Maintenance of Synaptic Contacts onto Motoneurons by Target-Derived trkB Receptors

Figure 3

Cumulative frequency plots of percent coverage by structures immunoreactive to different synapse-associated proteins onto the soma and proximal-most dendrites of labeled motoneurons in tamoxifen treated and untreated SLICK:: male (left) and tamoxifen treated female (right) mice. WT (black symbols) refers to wildtype motoneurons in tamoxifen treated mice, without YFP, that still retain trkB receptors. KO (white symbols) refers to knockout motoneurons labeled with YFP that do not have trkB receptors. Control (dashed line) refers to data from male SLICK:: mice not treated with tamoxifen. Data from all the mice in each group were pooled. (a) VGLUT1. (b) VGLUT2. (c) GAD67. (d) VGAT.