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Chronic Mild Stress Modulates Activity-Dependent Transcription of BDNF in Rat Hippocampal Slices

Figure 3

Analyses of BDNF gene expression. The mRNA levels of the total form of BDNF (a), BDNF isoform IV (b), isoform VI (c), and isoform IXa were measured by qRT-PCR in hippocampal slices obtained from unstressed (No Stress) or chronically stressed (Stress) rats exposed to KCl-induced depolarization (KCl 50 mM). The data, shown as a percentage referring to control group (No Stress/KCl 5 nM), are the mean ± SEM of independent determinations. , versus No Stress animals/KCl 5 nM; , versus Stress/KCl 5 nM. Two-way ANOVA with SCPHT.