Research Article

Merging and Fractionation of Muscle Synergy Indicate the Recovery Process in Patients with Hemiplegia: The First Study of Patients after Subacute Stroke

Figure 2

The change of ankle joint angle. The group with merging (b) showed limitation in the range of the ankle joint angle. The patients who did not show merging (a) had the same joint angle range. The group without or with fractionation (c and d) did not show the consistent change of gait kinematics.
(a) Patients without merging (n = 5, Mi = 0.0)
(b) Patients showing merging (n = 8, Mi = 0.33–0.80)
(c) Patients without fractionation (n = 3, Fi = 0.0)
(d) Patients showing fractionation (n = 10, Mi = 0.20–1.00)