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Modulation of Synaptic Plasticity by Glutamatergic Gliotransmission: A Modeling Study

Figure 7

STDP modulation by gliotransmitter-mediated SICs. ((a), (b)) Inspection of postsynaptic in the initial part of a pairing protocol that includes a gliotransmitter-mediated slow inward current (SIC) arriving to the postsynaptic neuron at  s illustrates how SICs have the potential to modulate postsynaptic thereby regulating LTD and LTP. (c) The magnitude of modulation depends on how large SICs are with respect to synaptic inputs (EPSCs) as well as at (d) what rate they occur. ((c), (d)) STDP curves were calculated for 60 pre/post pairings at 1 Hz and included SICs starting 0.1 s before the first pairing and occurring at 0.1 Hz. Synaptic parameters:  s,  s, and  s. Other parameters as in Table 1 except for , ms, ms, ms, and ms.