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Current Research Therapeutic Strategies for Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Table 2

ActivityCompoundClinical trial

Inhibitors of Tau hyperphosphorylation: glycogen synthase kinase 3 inhibitors (GSK3β)(i) Tideglusib
(ii) NP031112
(iii) Sodium selenite (VEL015)
(i) NCT01350362 phase II
(ii) NCT00948259
(iii) ACTRN12611001200976 phase II
Inhibitors of Tau aggregationRemberTM, TRx 0237NCT01626391, NCT01689233, NCT01689246 and NCT01626378
Microtubule stabilizers(i) Paclitaxel
(ii) Epothilone D
(iii) TPI 287 (taxane)
(i) Clinical trial 2013 (interrupted)
(ii) NCT01966666
Tau-specific immunotherapyAADvac1 vaccineNCT01850238 and NCT02031198 phase I trial (2013)

Anticholinesterase inhibitors(i) Donepezil, rivastigmine, galantamine,
(ii) Ladostigil (TV3326)

PrPC–mGluR5–Fyn signaling(i) Masitinib
(ii) Saracatinib (AZD0530)
(i) NCT00976118
(ii) NCT01864655 and NCT02167256

5-HT6 receptor blockageLu-AE-58054 (SGS-518), PF-05212365 (SAM-531), SUVN-502, AVN-322, PRX-07034Different phases of clinical trials

Antidiabetic drugs(i) Rosiglitazone and pioglitazone
(ii) Intranasal insulin (Humulin R U-100)
(iii) Amylin and pramlintide (amylin analog)
(i) NCT00550420, NCT00348140 phase III
(ii) NCT01767909
(iii) NCT01429623 and NCT01354691 phase II

Cdk5 inhibitorsRoscovitine and flavopiridol