Research Article

Nutritional Omega-3 Deficiency Alters Glucocorticoid Receptor-Signaling Pathway and Neuronal Morphology in Regionally Distinct Brain Structures Associated with Emotional Deficits

Figure 4

Effect of maternal n-3 deficient diet on dendritic arborisation in the PFC and hippocampus. (a, b, c left) dlPFC, dmPFC, and dorsal CA1 regions are represented. N-3 deficient diet induced shrinking of apical dendritic arborisation on pyramidal neurons of dlPFC (, , unpaired -test, neurons per group) and of dmPFC (, , unpaired -test, neurons per group). Dietary n-3 PUFAs deficient diet did not alter dendritic arborisation in the dorsal CA1 of the hippocampus (, , unpaired -test, neurons per group). Data are displayed as mean ± SEM.