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Research Article

Long-Standing Motor and Sensory Recovery following Acute Fibrin Sealant Based Neonatal Sciatic Nerve Repair

Figure 12

von Frey measurements ( per group, mean SE), 12 weeks after lesion, obtained from the right hind (CL, contralateral side, no lesion) and left hind paw (IL, ipsilateral-lesioned side). The values are expressed in grams (g) applied to trigger the “flinch” response. (a) Observe the complete absence of nociceptive response in the axotomy without repair group (AX). (b, c) Note significant nociceptive recovery of both coaptation groups (AX+FS and AX+CFS, resp.). AX: axotomy; AX+FS: axotomy followed by coaptation with fibrin sealant derived from snake venom; AX+CFS: axotomy followed by coaptation with commercial fibrin sealant.