Table 4: Regions showing RSFC differences between time points.

AnalysisTP1 > TP2TP2 > TP1
RegionSideMNI coordinates-scoreRegionSideMNI coordinates-score

ICAn.s. (, FWE-corrected cluster threshold at )

Seed-based FC(, FWE-corrected cluster threshold at )
 (ROI: pgACC)PCC/precuneusL58−12 −51 154.71ITGR1654 −63 −184.23
dmPFCL49−12 45 544.35IFGR1739 24 63.84
STGR5354 −63 154.34IPL/TPJR1833 −60 423.76
MOGL22−24 −102 64.19
ITGL21−57 0 −244.01
 (ROI: dACC)Calcarine/cuneusL18−9 −84 214.37CerebellumL22−30 −54 −304.56
BA19L26−27 −90 214.01IPLR1636 −60 454.20

ReHon.s. (, FWE-corrected cluster threshold at )

Note: dmPFC, dorsal medial prefrontal cortex; IFG, inferior frontal gyrus; IPL, inferior parietal lobe; ITG, inferior temporal gyrus; , cluster size; PCC, post cingulate cortex; STG, superior temporal gyrus; MOG, middle occipital gyrus; and BA: brodmann area.
Family-wise error.
A combined threshold of and a minimum cluster size determined by AlphaSim algorithm in AFNI, resulting in corrected threshold of . An estimate of the spatial correlation across voxels was modeled using the program 3dFWHM in AFNI.