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Action Video Game Experience Related to Altered Large-Scale White Matter Networks

Table 1

Mathematical formulas used in graph theoretical analyses.

CharacteristicsMathematical formulasInterpretations

Global efficiencyEglobal reflects how efficiently information can be
communicated over the whole network.
Local efficiencyElocal has been used to reveal the fault
tolerant capability of a network.
Mean clustering coefficientCp is a measure of the extent of the mean
interconnectivity or cliquishness in a graph.
Nodal clustering coefficientCi is a measure of the extent of the local
interconnectivity or cliquishness in a
graph (the edge weight (w)).
Nodal efficiencyEi depicts the importance of node i during the
information communication within a network.
Nodal strengthThe larger Si is, the more important node i becomes.

We defined the subgraph as the set of nodes that is the direct neighbors of the ith node, that is, directly connected to the ith node with an edge. The degree of each node, , is defined as the number of nodes in the subgraph .