Figure 1: The effects of 1 μM memantine on HFS- and TBS-induced LTP in hippocampal slices from Ts65Dn and euploid control mice. (a) Normalized fEPSP slopes of HFS-induced LTP and (b) TBS-induced LTP. Magnification of the last 10 minutes of recording. Colored lines represent the calculated mean fEPSP slopes for the last 10 minutes of recording. (c, d) Summary graph representation of the LTP data (mean fEPSP slope during the last 10 min of recording for each hippocampal slice). When used at the therapeutically relevant concentration of 1 μM, memantine did not alter the induction or maintenance of HFS-induced LTP but it rescued TBS-induced LTP to control euploid levels in slices from Ts65Dn mice. and are represented by and , respectively. Number of slices (animals) for HFS (Ct w/o Mem (), Ct Mem (), Ts w/o Mem (), and Ts Mem ()) and TBS (Ct w/o Mem (), Ct Mem (), Ts w/o Mem (), and Ts Mem ()). Error bars represent SEM. Arrow indicates LTP induction, representative traces show synaptic response during baseline (1) and at end of recording (2). Scale bars represent 1 mV (horizontal) and 10 ms (vertical).