Table 4: Region of interest (ROI) to ROI correlation analysis of the SMR group.

SMR groupCluster sizeCluster Cluster max

PRE < POST ROI = postcentral gyrus L
 Middle frontal gyrus L19<0.0013.73-391551
 Lateral inferior occipital L16<0.0013.69-30-903
 Precentral gyrus L10<0.0013.68-48-333
PRE < POST ROI = postcentral gyrus R
PRE < POST ROI = precentral gyrus L
 Lateral inferior occipital R10<0.0013.7557-720
PRE < POST ROI = precentral gyrus R
 Inferior frontal gyrus L27<0.0013.89-4842-3
 Middle frontal gyrus L11<0.0013.88-361551
 Precentral gyrus L10<0.0013.83-45-333
PRE < POST ROI = supplementary motor area L
 Precentral gyrus L12<0.0014.03-51-630
PRE < POST ROI = supplementary motor area R