Research Article

Motor Control System for Adaptation of Healthy Individuals and Recovery of Poststroke Patients: A Case Study on Muscle Synergies

Figure 3

Synergy space at the standard (familiar) environment. (a) The variance accounted for (VAF) (%) all possible identified synergies from the recorded electromyograph while performing the task in the standard environment (, 9 participants). The dashed vertical line identifies the estimated number of utilized synergies that exceeded the threshold (90%; represented by the horizontal dashed line). (b) Muscle synergy vectors () for two-dimensional muscle synergies (SyD.2; , 9 participants). The orders of w1 and w2 were sorted based on their activation time (). PM: pectoralis major; AD: deltoid anterior; BI: biceps brachii; LD: latissimus dorsi; IS: infraspinatus; TM: teres major.