Research Article

Functional Role of SIL1 in Neurodevelopment and Learning

Figure 4

Dynamic trafficking of GluN2A was not affected after SIL1 silencing. (a) Neurons transfected with silencing shRNA or scramble shRNA at DIV6 were subjected to chemical LTP (cLTP) at DIV14 (cLTP+shRNA#2 and cLTP+scramble). Immediately after cLTP treatment, the membrane expression (surface) and total protein level (offer) were assessed by surface biotinylation. Neurons transfected with scramble shRNA without cLTP stimulation were used as the control (con). (b) Statistical analysis of (a): the expression of each protein was first normalized to GAPDH and then compared with the control. The expression of GluN2A reduced after SIL1 silencing (, ) while the expression of GluN2B was not altered (, ). In the scramble shRNA-incubated neuron, GluN2A increased after cLTP stimulation (, ), while in shRNA#2 neurons, GluN2A was also increased after cLTP ( compared to , , ) which indicated that the dynamic membrane insertion of GluN2A was not impaired after SIL1 silencing. All data were shown as . ##. for all treatments.