Research Article

The Influence of Cochlear Implant-Based Electric Stimulation on the Electrophysiological Characteristics of Cultured Spiral Ganglion Neurons

Figure 2

Electrical stimulation decreases voltage-dependent calcium currents (ICa) of SGNs. (a) One SGN was patched with the tip of the microelectrode. (b) The stimulation parameters of voltage-dependent calcium current. (c, d) The inhibitory effect of electrical stimulation was obvious when the membrane potential was depolarized with the step ranging between 0 mV and +80 mV. The ICa was activated at -60 mV and reached the peak at 20 mV, the reversal potential of ICa was nearly in control neuron, but electrical stimulation could change the reversal potential to and in 50 μA and 100 μA groups ().