Table 1: Mean values as well as standard deviations and median values as well as range, respectively, of the parameters for patients and controls at baseline. Log-transformed NHPT und TMS values were analysed by linear regression adjusted for age and gender. Geometric mean ratios (GMR) and 95% CI and value are indicated. Statistically significant values are designated by an asterisk.

ParameterMean ± standard deviation/median (range)
PatientsControlsGMR (95% CI)

NHPT24 s (16–75 s)19 s (15–28 s)1.41 (1.20, 1.66)
TMS42% (34.5–46.5%)52% (47–60%)0.80 (0.65, 0.98)
ALSFRS40.2 ± 3.1n.a.n.a.

n.a.: not applicable.