Nursing Research and Practice / 2013 / Article / Tab 11

Research Article

Assessment of Ethical Ideals and Ethical Manners in Care of Older People

Table 11

Cluster VII: Possibilities for participation.

Distribution function for Cluster VII (percent)

C1 Freedom for the older person77,14 18,11,92,86
E1To believe in the older person89,52 8,570,950,95
D41Encourage participation33,4342,6514,456,093,38
A41 Promote continuity and preservation in the care process as a whole23,8142,8624,763,810,953,81
F41Being emphatic and sharing the moods with the older person29,54024,762,862,86
A11Support resources of the older person15,24 57,1424,761,90,95
G41Being humble while caring for the older person42,836,8413,525,361,47