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Health Professionals Facing Burnout: What Do We Know about Nursing Managers?

Table 3

Linear regression model of the MBI-HSS subscales among nursing managers.

Unstandardized beta coefficient valueUnstandardized beta coefficient valueUnstandardized beta coefficient value

Constant22.2415.42 0.0008.7710.120.00034.8923.300.000
Men (women)0.740.870.3842.815.540.0000.110.130.896
Age ≤40 years (>40 years)2.662.360.0191.011.490.1381.491.270.205
Managerial experience ≤10 years (>10 years)1.351.360.1741.732.900.0040.360.350.727
Overtime ≤20 hours per month (>20 hours)−1.39−1.040.300−0.38−0.470.6403.182.290.023
Irregular work schedule (regular)4.542.720.0070.030.030.973−2.22−1.280.201
Team size ≤5 persons (>5 persons)5.143.390.0011.061.160.246−1.16−0.730.463
Personal/organizational values fit: yes (partly or no)−3.79−3.640.000−0.78−1.240.216−0.91−0.840.402
High skills/demand fit (medium or low)−2.05−1.980.049−0.41−0.660.5101.621.500.135
Frequent team conflicts (seldom or none)1.992.010.0460.881.480.139−0.13−0.130.900

EE: emotional exhaustion, DP: depersonalization, and PA: personal accomplishment.
Reference groups are indicated in parentheses.