Nursing Research and Practice / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Nurses’ Knowledge, Practices, and Barriers in Care of Patients with Pressure Ulcers in a Ugandan Teaching Hospital

Table 2

Nurses knowledge about pressure ulcers.

Nurses knowledge about pressure ulcers%

Facts about pressure ulcers
 Areas of skin compromised as a result of unrelieved pressure83.9
 Occur in immobile patients92.9
 Develop in stages42.9
 Commonly occur around bony prominences91.1
 Management requires interdisciplinary collaboration39.3
 Can lead to permanent disabilities like bone destruction50
 Sepsis is one of the complications89.3
 Contributes to overall hospital costs incurred by patient69.6
Risk factors for developing pressure ulcers
 Immobility 96.4
 Neurologic disease50
Strategies used in prevention
 Regular turning of patients98.2
 Keeping patients skins dry and moist91.1
 Encouraging patients to have a balanced diet42.9
 Ensuring patient is well hydrated42.9
 Removing any tightly fitting clothes from the patient55.4
 Providing cushions on areas at risk of pressure ulcers89.3
 Catheterization in case of incontinence83.9

% indicates proportion of nurses who got the knowledge measuring item right.