Table 3: Nursing intensity scores in different follow-up units.

Phase Follow-up unit value
Home ()
Mean/median (IQR)
Ward ()
Mean/median (IQR)
Mean/median (IQR)

Pre phase7.0/7.08.2/8.09.0/9.0

Intra phase9.5/9.010.7/10.017.1/17.0<

Post phase8.2/8.08.9/8.09.5/9.5

IQR = interquartile range; ICU = intensive care unit; –Whitney test. Two patients who were transferred to the ICU were excluded from the analysis. -Wallis test; significant differences in pairwise comparisons between follow-up units with Mann–Whitney tests using Bonferroni-corrected values: Home versus ward (), home versus ICU (), and ward versus ICU ().